Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well it is Tuesday and we had a blizzard over the weekend. It started on Friday, all day Saturday and most of Sunday. I have no idea how many inches we got but I thought we had teleported to Alaska. My perfect timing, I got sick starting Friday afternoon and was really miserable by Saturday. Could not get out of the drive to go get any medicine, therefore, could not sleep. Saturday was a really long day. We have a 4WD p-up, which my DH took to work at 1:00 on Saturday and then got stuck working a double and didn't get home until 6A.M. Sunday morning. By 9 I was out finding someplace open to get Nyquil. Finally I could breathe a bit and could sleep a bit. I am still not completely over it, but can tell I am on the mend. Lord that nyquil tastes so bad!! My good friend Veronica sent me an email with a picture of some mouth watering cinnamon buns that you could almost taste right through the screen. I was sure I could smell them even thru all the congestion. Thanks Veronica.

Monday, took my DD to the doctor and they did an ultrasound. I have never been good at seeing much in those pictures. The baby has already turned and the best we got was a profile of his face, which is still a big old guess in my opinion. Looks like he will be here around April 5. Got to get busy on the spring cleaning and get the crib set up. Would like to be ready when he gets here. Plus, I will be going back to work soon (YUCK) and never feel like spring cleaning then.

I have no pics to share today. Still working on UFO's. Should finish up one of the 3 fairy babies from Paula Johnson's class on Dollstreet today. The quilt that is ready to be quilted is still sitting by my sewing machine and I just keep looking at it. I might feel up to working on that today. Geez, if I would just apply myself it could be finished.

Do you ever feel that you have so many things to do that you don't know where to begin? That is where I am right now. Big old list of have to do, bigger old list of want to do. Seems like I just been pickin at a little of each and not finishing anything. This morning I took down the curtains in the bath to be washed, worked on my doll, played on the computer and game my honey his to do list. Guess that is accomplishment.