Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Spring

I do not know why the first posts left all that space between things, and I don't know how to fix it either. Would also like to know how you put a link under a word, life folks will write.....go "here", and the word here is a link. How do you do that?


Here is one of the fairies I have made from Paula Johnson's baby fairy class that was offered on Dollstreet. I have 2 others done except for their wings so figured I would wait and post their picture when I get the wings on. Taking a small doll break and making some summer clothes for my GD. Pictures of those on next post. This little fae does not have a name yet, so if one hits you, leave me a note. The class was great and they are really sweet little fairies. I think the class is being offered again right now.

Meet my newest and only grandson Kamden Edward McNeil. I think he is such a handsome fellow. Born April 8. I also have 4 granddaughters, poor little guy is going to be so outnumbered on the estrogen around him. DH is glad for the company tho. He has been dealing with it 4 ever.

This is my dogs. Ernie with my granddaughter Amiah, then (l-r) Pudge, Abby (mom), and Maybe, who all need a haircut. There was a time that I thought I was going through empty nest syndrome (cause I thought the kids were moved out and gone-ha ha) and I think I replaced kids with dogs. The dogs are much more enjoyable than the kids were/are. This excludes the grandbabies who are enjoyable. Can you relate?

Mother's Day. Yippee. Spring is here, although pretty wet and chilly. But, we have had a few days of sunshine. I thought I would share a few pictures of my patio and lilacs. I so enjoy sitting on my patio, listening to my fountains and the birds and smelling fresh air. Just some things I am thankful for. We are putting in an above ground pool just on the other side of the fence this year. Grandkids ya know. Plus, I can not take the heat in the summer anymore and living in a 100 + yr old house with 3 stories makes air conditioning almost impossible. I put room air in certain rooms but that is it. I am thinking I'll just lay on top of the water in that pool in the heat this summer and maybe try to do some walking in it for exercize. I try to walk every day, but in the summer I have to wait till it cools down after dark and then I don't feel comfortable walking by myself. I am just so looking forward to summer this year.
Guess that is enough for today, hopefully, I will be a little more prompt about updating. I kind of felt like only posting when I had something to show, but have found in following other blogs that I am interested in just daily things they might be thinking about, pics of their work areas, or gardens, or a special flower, anything really. Makes you feel so connected. That being said, I plan to muse a bit more and if you are interested great and if not, that is great too.
Happy Mothers Day to all.