Friday, October 5, 2007

This is the other bag I have been working on. My DD also reads tarot cards and has several decks she uses. She makes her own bags, but usually gives them away. All her tarot bags, I have made for her. This is for a new deck that is much larger than the decks she has. I started out to just decorate this with the beaded face. Then I wanted to take a shortcut so got the bright idea of glueing it on instead of sewing it to the bag. WRONG The glue didn't ooze out around the face, the fabric wicked it up and made a terrible mess. Then, the darn thing didn't stick anyway. The hand and beading around it came as a result of trying to cover up the mess and not make a new bag. All in all, I guess that was a happy accident as I like it better. Who knows if she will or not. She lives in Missouri as her husband is in the service. Next week I am going out to spend a week and a half with her. We have much crafting planned and I can't wait.

Here is one thing I have been working on since my last post. This is a bag for my DD who needed something to keep her "slices of rock" in. This is made from 2 halloween kitchen towels. They are like a cotton duck fabric, not terry cloth. I used one towel for the front, one for the back, the leftovers for inside pockets and the handle.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Aug Under the Sea ATD Swap

This is a picture of my two granddaughters from last Halloween wearing their costumes that I made them. Dorothy is Leah, and Glenda is Kyleigh. We went trick or treating at the mall-----what a zoo!!! I don't know if I'll ever do that again. You can tell Glenda was having great fun. (yeah, right)

Hi again all. This is a pic of my ATD for Aug. Theme "Under the Sea" Swap. It went to UK so still waiting to hear from the recipient, Jean, if she likes it or not. I told her if she didn't like it, go ahead and send it back. She said, "Fat Chance". LOL Coming up next, a witch hat swap. Will post pictures soon.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Joining the Crowd

Okay. Everybody is on the blog bandwagon, especially since Molly (Carole) brought it up on the street. I have really enjoyed checking out everyone's blog the last few days sooooooooo, guess I will try this out too. I pretty much feel like everyone else, what do I have to say? Course, when you are carrying on a conversation with yourself, guess you can say whatever you want and you'll listen. VBG I don't jump in on the advise issue too much when it comes to giving it, but I do absorb a lot of what is given on the groups. I wouldn't want to steer someone wrong when they ask a how to question. On the other hand, is it ever really wrong? If you get the end result, how you get there isn't wrong, just another way to do it. Another thought on this blogging is---don't I have enough to do? I mean, work, kids, house, dolls, read email, participate in groups, knit, cross stitch, paper dolls, oh yeah--wife, do you really want to add something else? Like most things, the answer is yes and no. Off to explore how to do pictures. ONWARD