Friday, October 5, 2007

This is the other bag I have been working on. My DD also reads tarot cards and has several decks she uses. She makes her own bags, but usually gives them away. All her tarot bags, I have made for her. This is for a new deck that is much larger than the decks she has. I started out to just decorate this with the beaded face. Then I wanted to take a shortcut so got the bright idea of glueing it on instead of sewing it to the bag. WRONG The glue didn't ooze out around the face, the fabric wicked it up and made a terrible mess. Then, the darn thing didn't stick anyway. The hand and beading around it came as a result of trying to cover up the mess and not make a new bag. All in all, I guess that was a happy accident as I like it better. Who knows if she will or not. She lives in Missouri as her husband is in the service. Next week I am going out to spend a week and a half with her. We have much crafting planned and I can't wait.


Debb said...

Thanks for stoping by .I love those bags you made.And your grandchildern are so cute. Debb

Sierras Creations said...

I love your Granbabies! Every so cute. And I also read tarot, Astrology, I actually worked full time and paid 2 years of college in Maryland. I have a zillion decks and love each one. Your DD is very lucky to have someone who love her and makes a grand bag for her favorites to rest, when not in use. I had a student in Annapolis give me a bag, she had it from an old fur coast, It is my very very favorite. Thank You for the lovely comments left on my blog. I love blogs! So much fun.
Huggers Sierra
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