Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hello everyone or anyone. I too feel like I am talking to myself, but, hey, at least I listen. VBG I haven't been posting since October. Geez. Above are pictures of the jammies I made for my 3 little princesses for Christmas. Don't they look sweet? Fooled you!! I was house sitting for my SIL and sewing up these jammies in the country, all alone, no distractions and enjoying every minute of it. Taking breaks from sewing in the hot tub. I know it is a tough job but someone had to do it. She paid me to house/doggie sit so I was having dreams of what I was going to buy when my oh so expensive Janome sewing machine froze up. Jammies not done. So, I packed up and came home the day before Christmas eve trying to think who I knew that I could borrow a machine to at least get these jammies finished. Oh, and no more hot tub breaks. Boo Hiss. Couldn't find anyone with a portable machine. So, out I go on Christmas Eve to buy a sewing machine. This was not what I was daydreaming about spending my newly and unexpected riches on, but isn't that the way it always works?
The other pic is of granddaughter #2 dressed up like the princess she is. I have two more coming. A girl in Feb and finally a boy in April. The two older girls got another pair made from fabric with frogs with big red lips. #2 says they have on "lipis" (aka lipstick).

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