Sunday, January 27, 2008

Black and White Challenge

This is Olivia the Octoherpodite. This was done for a yahoo group called Black and White Challenge. She was done in October but she didn't win. I still love her tho. The rules were that everything had to be black & white, but could have subtle color in the makeup and skin tone. My DH built her cage and I love it. Didnt he do a fabulous job? I got the idea for her from Circus De Soleil. The group has changed their name to Technicolor something and every year there is a new pattern and new colors. This year is a circus, mardi gras theme and the colors are purple and gold. I don't know if I'll enter this year or not. Right now I have no ideas but they aren't due till end of October so there is time. Everyone used the same pattern to start with and they, as usual, came out very different.


Yvette said...

Your doll is lovely and so unique! I also love your Harpy. Those feathers are beautiful!

It sounds like you had a relaxing time at you sisters house!

Sierras Creations said...

Cool sight! Love your log. Joining the group is super. Looking forward to all of your postings.