Thursday, September 4, 2008

No Pictures, Just Talk

In an effort to continue with my blog, I am back. Since last post I did decide to switch to the 7-4 shift and I love it. Some days I stay and work 7-7. Last week I did that all 3 days. I figure my day is already pretty well shot so might as well go for 3, 12 hour days. I really want to go to AFIC in Columbus this year at the end of April and to take Natalie H's class on Doll Street. That is my plan and I am sticking to it!!

My DS significant other decided she didn't want to wait while he got a job and got settled so she moved here with their 2 children. There are 10 people living in my house, 6 adults and 4 children (3,2,6mo,5mo). Yippee skippee is about all I can say to that. 5 days at work is starting to look pretty good to me and I figure with winter coming and we are all cooped up together should be an even bigger adventure. The good news is that I have not given up my sewing room (said in a whisper so no one can hear), the bad news is.....who has any time to use it with all these people and kids here? Do you reckon those 4 kids could ever take a nap at the same time, want to the same time, need diapers changed, baths at the same time. NOT Then add in adults who can't get along except maybe in hours, never days....week, whatever. And, do you all remember how wonderfully a 3 year old and a 2 year old play together with their toys? I feel like a referee most of the time. But, there is hope, I think, that my sewing machine will get used again soon. Oh, the other good news is they are all working except the oldest DD so just maybe there is a light at the end of this very long tunnel.

I have my newest traveling visitor, Varsha from Shashi in England. She is lovely and I hope to have a few pictures to share on the next post. I think I have her for 2 weeks and I hope to take her Amish Country to an awesome fabric store and I will post pics so you all can drool. There are some events going on this month that I hope to get to take her to. Next week I hope to take her to see some Clydesdale horses get shoed with a farrier (sp) friend that I met through my new job. I am taking DH too and he is really looking forward to seeing those horses up close and personal. They are at a place called Malabar Farm which Louis Bromfield owned and Bogie and Bacall were married there. One thing about this traveling doll group has made me realize how much we have here in this small town that I don't think about much because I live here.

As you can tell, I have been creatively stifled just because of lack of time. If I do run into some peace and quiet I just sit on the couch or the patio and revel in it. I have a wizard doll started that was for a challenge on one of my yahoo doll groups, but alas, he has a body and a head in this world, the rest of the poor fellow is still in my head. I have some things I made for my traveling dolls Sage and Ella Mae that I finished but cannot show till their mom's get them, and I have 2 more to finish for my next 2 visitors. I have a quilt cut out ready to sew up for a dear friend that moved to Atlanta, GA last year and I miss her dearly. We are still in touch but it is just not the same as going over to her house and visit. And, she was a great cook who often fed me since DH worked 2nd shift and I do not cook when he is working. Miss those home cooked meals too.

In the midst of all this my computer got a virus and Best Buy wanted $130 to fix it, mind you I was still under extended warranty..... what a waste. DD #1 managed to get me working again. Whew.

Well, guess I am done talking to myself today...all out there take care and God bless.


Emily Eckel said...

Cheryl, hang in there through these challenging times. I had a bad year in '07 and at the time I was so frustrated by my lack of time to make art. It really is possible to get back to crafting. I hope things change for you soon. Emily Eckel

Alison's Heart Sings said...

Hi Cheryl...sounds like you're going thru a rough patch, wow, 10 people in your house! I am retired and our kids are grown but I remember my "kids" years vividly. My thoughts are with you! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. - verlene