Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb 9 Photo a Week

Here is Kamden really trying to get out of baby jail. This pic just cracks me up every time I look at it. Probably isn't really that funny, just strikes me that way.

Okay, I just couldn't resist more grandbaby pictures. This is Kamden having his first tootsie roll pop. (left) All in all, this was about as messy as he got which I thought wasn't too bad. He didn't leave one bit of it either, just the stick. DD and I lifted him, seat and all, upstairs to the tub and gave them both a shower. He wasn't too thrilled with the shower part. A bath is ok, but forget the shower.
These are 2 quilt blocks that I agreed to make for Rivkah. She saw an antique quilt with this pattern and has always wanted to make one.
If I got it right, she got a lady at a
quilt shop to help her draft a pattern to make the blocks. I guess she had been collecting fabrics for the tails for quite some time. Well, she put out a call for help in making the blocks, realizing that it would take too long to do them all herself. Being a quilter, all be it not a really really skilled one, I volunteered to make 2 blocks for her. They have to be mirror imaged too. I mean, really, how hard could it be? Well, let me tell can be pretty darn hard. This block was not easy and I can honestly say I will never make another one. I cut them oh so carefully and marked the 1/4" SA on every piece, sewed them by hand, then by machine. I mean, after all, I wanted them to be perfect for her. Well, they aren't perfect even after all that, and I just hope they are usable for her quilt. I would feel horrible if I wasted her fabric. Anyway, they are done, (THANK GOD) and I can put it all behind me. I even threw the pattern away, and I never throw away a pattern. That is how sure I am I will never do it again. LOL Have a great week everyone.


Carla said...

He sure made a mess didn't he? LOL Yep, that block looks hard. The fabric is pretty too.

Serena said...

OH, he's such a cutie and seems like a very happy child.

How nice of you to offer to make the two blocks for her, Cheryl, even if you learned that this is one pattern you won't ever repeat. I love the paisley fabric on the left!

Sandy said...

Well I've never made a quilt but what you've done sure looks good to me. I really love the color of that fabric..and design.

What a cutie. I haven't posted grandbaby pics in awhile but when I get started, oh..someone has to stop me. I always love seeing others' kid pics.