Monday, February 23, 2009

This week I have been fighting the flu, again. Seems like with 3 kids working in restaurants and DH working at the prison it just keeps coming back. So, I have been focusing on finishing...part of the resolution. I only worked on bit on the doll from last week. Got her dress together and her hair made. Pinned it on and her little yo-yo apron. I unstuffed her arms and legs and gave her some bead joints. Still need to make her pantaloons and sew all down. But at least this week she is a bit closer.

I showed you all some fabulous yarn that I bought a while back and paid a ridiculous price for. I also told you that I had picked out a poncho with sleeves and started knitting it. Well, I stopped. There is a pattern in Annie's Attic of Herrschners, or someplace (I can't find it right now cuz I was going to put in a link) for a poncho with sleeves that I really like. Problem is you have to buy the kit not just the pattern. I finally decided that it was silly not to make what I really liked with that yarn and quibble over $35 for a kit against what I paid for the yarn. So, that is on hold. I found this freebie pattern and thought this was pretty cute just to throw on over your shoulders. It is really just a long rectangle, but looks pretty cute on the model. So, I started that this week, in between working on finishing stuff.
I also worked on my cathedral window quilt and got all the blocks done that I have made so far. By next week, I will sew what I have into rows and take a picture for next Monday. Then I need to go buy a bunch more muslin and do it all again. I'll probably put that off a bit to continue on my finishing stuff.
Here is an embarrassing list of UFO's. I have at least one challenge doll to make before the end of March. A wizard that I started last fall. Two class dolls that are each in some phase of completion, pajamas that are cut out for GD, a shirt for me that needs a sleeve and hemmed (that is it! and I let it sit). Then I went and bought fabric to make myself 4 shirts for work so even tho they aren't UFO's, I need to get them done.
It's also been a week of worrying myself sick about the economy and the state of everything. I have finally decided that worrying about things I really have no control over is really counter productive and I am just going to deal with what I can and pray.
So, good friends, God bless for the sanity you represent and have a great week.


Sandy said...

Ohhh can't wait to see that cathedral quilt. Your doll is coming along great...I envy those of you who make dolls! Years ago I use to help a woman make "parts" of the doll, like sew the features on faces. Years and years , billions of years ago.

Hope that sickness leaves the house pronto.

BumbleVee said...

I'm not even admitting to UFO's... forget that!

Try not to overdo ... make sure you get healthy again first..

JudiA said...

I have absolutely no intention of confessing to *anybody* just how many UFO's I actually have. Your doll is darling and you are a braver woman than I am.