Monday, March 9, 2009

Hi all you weekly picture folk. I have to apologize for missing last week. One of my granddaughters went to Akron Children's Hospital last week for breathing issues. So, needless to say, trips back and forth and working left little time for internet, email, or anything else. So here are some pictures from my wonderful week.

Sick Sidnei at Akron Children's. This was first day she was off of oxygen.

Kyleigh visiting (with bear of course) at Akron Children's.

Kamden, first steps.

Brandy's lastest quilt that she made for a friend's daughter.

This was the topper. I was working on a challenge doll for a challenge at doll street. Had all my parts sewn and stuffed and just before bed started painting the face. I left everything on my worktable. Got up in the morning to find that Kyleigh had decided to do her own artwork on grandma's doll. I was most unhappy with her to say the least.
Then tonight Kamden broke the arm off of my 6 month old glasses. GEEEEEZZZ!!!
Here is to a better week, starting tomorrow, I hope.


HElen said...

Oh Cheryl,
Sorry to hear that little one got sick, I hope Sidnei keeps improving and feel better!!!

Sandy said...

OH no, hope you have a better week. Sorry to hear about the little one in the hospital too. I enjoyed the photos...