Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 12 Comments

Romona, the fairies are by Maria vanScharrenburg and you can see both of them at the following link on page 2 . By the way, my friends are very down to earth and just plain wonderful people. I am so lucky to have them both in my life. For instance, my DH does not buy me a mother's day present because he says "I am not his mother", and my kids, up until recently never seemed to hold a job long enough to buy anybody any presents. So, several years ago Amy and Rob started buying me a mother's day present. Well, needless to say, that almost brought me to tears. I think the first year was a miniature rose bush that still blooms every year in my garden. That is just the kind of folks they are.
Judi A, your comment "you must be a wonderful friend to deserve such a lovely gift!", really touched me. I had never looked at it that way...I always thought what great friends they were to make that for me. I never thought of myself being a wonderful friend to deserve it. Thank you for that revelation and one doesn't diminish the other.

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