Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 13 Photo

I know, I am a day late (and a dollar short, ha ha) I was so sick yesterday I just did not have the energy to post. I had mentioned earlier about our downtown being restored and that I would try to take a few pics. These buildings are 3 stores. The Coney Island Diner has been a part of downtown as long as I can remember, (and I can remember a looooong way back). It looks just the same as it always has and has the best coney's anywhere. When I was young, like grade school (60's), we used to go downtown and spend the day. There was Penney's, Sears, Wards, Neisner's (5&10 with a counter lunch area) Woolworths, just to name a few. I can remember having the whole family grandma and grandpa, their 9 kids (my aunts & uncles) and the grandkids (me and my cousins--and there were a lot of us) going to Coney and eating. This is where the antique store is that I found my braids and my quilt top. There aren't as many stores downtown now, but I do love that they have restored things the way they have.

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