Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday January 24

Today is not much of a post, but after seeing this armature yesterday in photo, thought I better change it and try again. I think it looks better now. What do you all think? It was cold here again today, 15. Took 2 of my granddaughters roller skating for the first time tonight. They did great and had a lot of fun. My 6 year old put those skates on and took off like she was born in them. My 3 year old had the kind that go over your shoe and they don't go so great but it did giver her the feel of rolling and keeping her balance. Maybe next time we will try real skates. Lord how long has it been since any of you been on a pair of roller skates? Let me tell you, I found all kinds of muscles that forgot what they were there for.


Linda Fleming said...

Looking good! And I spy a little bear sitting there overseeing you, how cute.

Jennifer Rose said...

I haven't been on any kind of skate for probably close to 17 years. Would probably fall right on my back if I tried now lol